Sean Okin: Vocals
Equipment: Sure mics
  Influences: Sebastian Bach, Rob Halford, Phil Anselmo & Dave Meniketti.
  Style: Over the top all out ballsy style with that added flavor of heart and soul.
  Quote: "R.I.P. to grunge & grab onto something and hold on tight cause were takin the rock scene for a ride that it's been waiting for for a long time."
Ken Snyder: Guitars / Vocals
  Equipment: Wayne Guitars & Charvel Guitars, Rivera "KnuckleHead" amplifiers, Marshall cabinets, Alesis, SabineTuners, GHS strings, BBE, Morley, Scream Regulator, & BOSS pedals.
  Influences: Hendrix, Vai, Yngwie, Holdsworth, SRV, Page, VanHalen, Gary Moore & all that play from the heart.
  Style: I like to believe I've got my own unique style, a little shred here, a little feel there.
  Quote: "Fuck Everything"
Darwin DeVitis: Guitars / Vocals
  Equipment: Wayne Guitars, Kramer,Gibson,& B.C.Rich electrics,Yahmaha acoustic, Rivera "KnuckleHead" amplifiers, Laney cabinets, Alesis, SabineTuners, GHS strings, BBE, Crybaby, Scream Regulator & Boss pedals.
  Influences: VanHalen, Lynch, ZakkWylde, Dimebag, Schon,Warren DeMartini, Blues & all of those shredders.
  Style: If you took all of the above and threw them into a blender, hopefully you'd get a little of my style there.
  Quote: "The road to your dreams has alot of exits, make sure you get off on the right one."
Ramsay Bisharah: Drums / Vocals
John Anderson: Bass / Vocals
  Equipment: Jackson Basses,& Ampeg amplifiers & cabinets.
  Influences: Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan & John Myung.
  Style: Fingerstyle bassist with a love of playing live
  Quote: "I hate personal quotes"